What is Travelbox and why Smoky Wheels uses it

Travelbox is a metallic frame box, coverd by a PVC canvas projected to ensure a secure travel of any old scooter like Vespa, Lambretta, ISO or similar.

Metallic structure allow to tie inside the scooter firmly and safely preventing any damage, allow the courier to move the box during the trip without touch things inside and you to store your lovely two wheels and luggage, everything hidden from canvas.

Also Travelbox is provided to a lockable rope to lock canvas to ensure no one open it.
Once you have locked the box it will be you to reopen it at the starting point of the tour. The same will be in the way back.

The reason why Smoky Wheels projected travelbox was to be able to ensure every old scooter fan to enjoy his own Vespa and Lambretta on amazing italian roads without the task of taking a long trip to arrive in Italy or the necessary organization of a double delivery and logistic.

So take a look to the instruction movie to find out how to tie in absolute safety your scooter at home, sure of find it ready to be turned on and go at start of tour.

We will be proud to carry your scooter, sure it will have the best possible travel to come at our beautiful country.

Travelbox use instruction

Travelbox equipment:

– 2 Motorcycle Tie Down Hooks.
– 1 Handlebar fasten
– 2 Bungee cord
– 1 Manual pump and hoses
– 1 Padlock

Welcome to this tutorial to tie your scooter safely inside travelbox.
First of all health, pay caution using working gloves and eye protection managing the box.

When the travelbox arrive at home check the side with padlock, this is the entrance.

Be sure to chose a place where will be enought space to allow you to place the scooter perpendicular in front the entrance.

Unlock the rope and extract it on heads and sides, than unlock the four vertical ribbons.

Open first the back part of canvas and put it on the roof top, then do the same whith the front and at the end with sides.

Now the travelbox is open and ready to be loaded.

First of all bring the hand pump, it is located under the front wheel stopper, take a look of the arrow on it, than following the arrow direction put the hose in a can and the other part into the scooter tank, pump a few times than ensure the hose will remain on the bottom of tank until it will be empty.

Bring the handlebar fasten and put it on the scooter handlebar, taking care of leaving tie on hooks.
Now insert the scooter into the travelbox till the wheel stopper, take the first tie down strap and insert it’s hook in the handlebar fasten ring.

Leave the tie slightly loose, in this way the scooter stay tilt to the other side pay attention do not leave it free, then go to the other side and repeat the procedure.
When scooter is tied you may proceed to well fasten ties.

Now the scooter is tied and ready to travel.
If you have a rack you may tie it to the back fastening rings with the two bungee cords.

If needed you may put luggage into the box, be careful don’t overload 20kg.

Take care to put unused travelbox accessories inside, like hand pump or bungee cord.

Now lower canvas sides, front and back side, lock them with the four corner ribbons, than insert the security ropes into the rings and lock them with the padlock.
Remember to take with you the padlock key to open the travelbox at the start of tour.

Thank you for your attention.

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