Smoky Wheels is a particular way to live two wheels travels passion.
This passion unconsciously was born during the first child trips.

The lead of all this was a white Vespa 50 Special used by grandfather to go to the next village for shopping with me.
Staying on feet on the footpeg I hardly succeeded in seeing beyond the speedometer and necessity to seize me to the handlebar not to fall, it had supposed as the supreme action of driving.

From that moment, something from the aluminium of the handlebar was seeping under skin.
Over time I started to use several two wheel thingy and put the hands on, often to repair it likewise to try to obtain more and more satisfaction.

As time went on some friends of mine, who suffered from the little money usual of all guys, asked me to help them with the reparation of some Vespa, Garelli, Ciao and some other moped the fashion wanted them to be the best.

Some others had the possibility to spend some more money so we made tuning.
I still remember the Ciao able to touch 90 Km per hour, built nightlong with the complicity of dark and the reckless who drove it!

A sparkling aluminium Pinasco cylinder with four ports and two scratches was installed. Unfortunately it’s live was short but after the great seize and necessary substitution I still preserve it.

I’ve used this Ciao only one time, still now when I admire the cylinder on the shelf if I close my eyes clearly remember the dread fighting against the desire to run at all throttle. Desire wins, but I never feel necessity to try it again.

From that moment displacements increase the journey horizons have gotten further.
Then the moment has arrived in which the great displacements and the great speeds always brought me more distant and always more quickly, without really seeing what I had decided to depart for.

At the end the desire of a way of live journey more liveable, make me come back to my first small alloy handlebar.
A scruffy ’61 Vespa to restart, first a short trip, then ever more longer and then the challenges, probably more about me rather than my Vespa.

Now I ride looking where I’m riding, without clock, I smell fragrance place’s I’m looking , and when I stop I smell a flavour join in me from when I was child, scent of burned oil.
I know I’m really myself, when I’m on my seat, when I’m on the road, wind beat my face, driving my smoky wheels.
Little anecdote, when I was a kid I always hated the moment when I stopped at the gas station to take the oil can, wrapped in a rag now 7% or 8% greased, measure and mix, coming out greasy and unnerved.

Now as soon as I stop, a ritual begins, I open tank cap that just unscrew it takes twice an espresso break, I prepare all my ingredients skilfully mixed with the jigger, feeling like a serious bartender struggle with his cocktails, and calmly do something that I like, to finish with the inevitable Vespa shaking to mix everything well.
I leave, as always, a little more greasy than when I stopped and I smile thinking that I will never improve.


Smoky Wheels is a licensed tour operator and travel agency which deals only in travel with vintage scooter, particularly Vespa and Lambretta.
The idea that gave birth to Smoky Wheels is to give the opportunity to travel in Italy to all Vespa and Lambretta’s fans.

Now is real and easy to visit the “ bel Paese “ driving own scooter, without the problem tied to long distance, long time and hard journey to reach goal.
Smoky Wheels’ purpose is to bring old scooter entusiast into an emotional timeless trip visiting a unique country with ancient villages rich in history and art, driving on amazing roads plunged in country between rows of cypress trees, vineyards and colourful crops, enjoying italian cuisine, with unique satisfaction to do it with own lovely Vespa and Lambretta.

We will make travel scooter safely from your own home to tour start, and reverse.
Smoky Wheels is sure this will be rich of satisfactions and unforgettable emotions.
Italy and us waiting you soon.