Is your tour operator a licensed company?

Yes, we are a licensed tour operator and we fully respect the regulations set by the Italy Council licensing authority.

Do I need to pay in advance?

Yes. We ask customers to pay 5% not refundable of the total amount in advance at the booking of tour, three weeks before the tour starts, the remaining balance of the total amount, by wire transfer or PayPal.

How much time in advance should I book the tour?

Any time is fine for booking, paying 5% in advance you books the tour, then you can cancel booking up to three weeks before the starting date, otherwise the booking will became definitive, paying total amount.

Which are payment systems?

Wire transfer or Pay Pal .

How will payment proceeds?

The first 5% during the booking on the site page, the rest after Smoky Wheels payment form via email two weeks before starting day, including any accumulated discounts.

Is the tour all inclusive?

Tour lasts 7 days and includes daily breakfast, lunch in tipical “Osteria”and restaurant, dinner and the night stay at selected “Agriturismo”.

Does the travelbox arrive direcly at my home?

Yes, it will arrive by courier at your home and will be collect from your home by the same courier.

In which way travelbox travel?

Through the most reliable international couriers.

Is it possible to check the trip of the scooter?

Yes, it is. Smoky Wheels will provide you the currier link where you can follow the moves of your scooter, both in going than in return.

Is the scooter trip insured?

Yes, about that you must communicate the value of the expeditious scooter before the departure through the form of booking.

Does the travelbox contain everything I need to tie my scooter?

Yes, you’ll find the ties, the handlebar fastening, a couple bungee cord, a small gas pump for fuell and the padlock to lock the travelbox. On site at travelbox page you’ll find a video tutorial.

Where and when I will find again my scooter?

Travelbox with your scooter inside will wait you at the starting point of the tour ready to be unbox and turned on.

How much time before starting tour date I will send my scooter?

It depend from your country location, usually the travelbox arrive at your home at the start of tour week, if so far away untill ten days before tour start. The same will be for the way back.

May I lock the travelbox?

Yes, inside you’ll find a padlock to be used to lock the canvas. You have to preserve key and bring it to the tour. Starting day it will be you reopen the travelbox.

May I load luggage and gear in the travelbox?

Yes, inside you may carry travel gears like helmet, jacket etc., we ask you don’t overload over 20 kg of luggage.

May I leave the Travelbox in public parking area or somewhere out of my property?

If it is absolutely necessary yes. At the booking you will sign a disclaimer where you will be responsible for the box during home stay time.

Which are travelbox dimensions?

Cm L 200 x l 90 x h 120. Right for Vespa e Lambretta.

May the scooter be send full of gasoline?

For insurance reason the scooter must travel with empty tank. At the starting point we will give you one liter of gasoline to reach the nearest gas station, far few km along our trip.

Is the fuel included in the tour package?

No, fuel and oil mix are competence of traveller.

Is the necessary oil easily purchasing?

Yes, gas station sell it. Moreover on the assistance truck, will be enough quantity of oil (Motul 710 2t) to allow all the participants to run all the tour. Oil will be easily purchasable directly from Smoky Wheels.

Gas stations sell premix?

No, gas stations don’t sell mix, only gasoline. They sell oil for mix.

Are needed particular documents or insurances for the tour?

Not for EC residents, scooter must be regularly and legally circulating according to the rules of country of origin. Driver must have valid driving licence.
Smoky Wheels, as welcome gift, will offer you for free a 1 year subscription to an Italian motoclub so that you will be able to access additional service as well as Europ Assistance coverage while in Italy.

Nightlong are the scooters abandoned?

No, the night stops will all be in facilities that will allow us to house the scooter in closed courtyards. Smoky Wheels will make available a long chain where lock the scooter, everyone with his personal security device.

Nightlong are the scooters sheltered?

No, Smoky Wheels will supply motorcycle cover canvas for night protection.

What does it happen in case of fault?

It depends on the type of fault, if it is resolvable in less than 10 minutes, like a puncture, we all stop and take the restoration on site, if more difficult we’ll load the scooter on assistance truck and take the reparation night long.

Who take reparation?

Assistance truck is equipped of tools and small workbench at your disposal, in case of you’re not comfortable in take reparation, tour leader and tour assistant give you a full assistance to take the restoring.

Are spare parts available?

On assistance truck there will be spare parts, chosen between most used, for example tube tyres, tyres, wheels, cables and nipples, sparks, exhausts, lights, clutches, gaskets, bearings cylinder kit and shock absorbers.

Is it possible to buy spare parts?

Yes, on assistance truck you’ll find a list of spares and their cost.

Luggage ride with me on scooter?

On the assistance truck there is a place dedicated to daily recovering luggage. During day travel, every morning before starting everyone of us will deliver it to tour assistant to be loaded and returned at the evening arrive.

Is journey from home to the tour starting point included?

No it isn’t. Everyone will be free to choose the preferred way to reach the tour starting point. The WFA tour will be inclusive of the pickup at Amerigo Vespucci Airport of Florence or the railway station Santa Maria Novella in Florence. Pick up schedules will be communicated via travel sheet with email .
From there, you will be carried to the location for the first dinner and night stay.

Is the journey back home included?

No it isn’t, a drop off to Leonardo Da Vinci’s Airport of Rome is included.

Is it possible to reach the city of Roma?

Yes it is. Who want to stay few days in Rome taking a tour of the city will have a drop off included in place of the trip to the airport.

What happens to the scooters once the destination is reached?

At tour closing there will be a festive lunch to greet all the participants. After lunch, we will proceed with the loading of scooters and equipment. Travelboxes will be locked with a padlock and delivered back to home within 5 days.

What should I do at home when I get the scooter back?

You will have to unload the scooter and the luggage from the travelbox, once empty, put inside ties and handlebar fasten on hooks and all the other accessories of the box as when arrived and the key of the padlock in its pocket, lock the canvas with the padlock. The next day the courier will collect the box.

Is there any benefit for those registered with a Vespa club, a Lambretta club or a brand club?

Yes, for members of the Vespa, Lambretta or other brand clubs and national motorcycle federation, a discount code of 5% is applied.

Which is the additional discount for associated club?

For Smoky Wheels’ associated clubs an additional 5% discount will be awarded in addition to the motoclub card discount.

Is there any benefit for groups?

Yes there is, 3% discount for groups over 10 scooters over the eventual club and associated club discount.
5% discount for groups of 15 scooters over the eventual club and associated club discount.

How will be the discount applied?

After booking it will be automatically charged during last payment.

What is the maximum number of participants per tour?

Maximum number is: 15 drivers with scooter e 5 passengers.

How much is long the tour?

One week, it starts with the arrival of the participants on Saturday afternoon and ends on the following Saturday afternoon.

What tour includes?

Tour includes dinner, night stay and breakfast in charateristic agriturismo, launch in osterie, trattorie or restaurant, all based on typical local menù related to territory tradition.
Daily are scheduled  professional guided tours in the most historically interesting reached places.

How long are the guided historical tours?

Normally 1 hour, in some historical most interesting place a couple of ours.

Is required to take historical tour?

Not for sure. Who don’t want to benefit this opportunity is free to take a free tour or break, with the rule of respecting restarting time.

During guided tour and lunch where the scooter stay?

In public parkings, under Smoky Wheels assistant tour safekeeping.

Are the tour roads hardly?

No, they are amazing country roads of Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio, selected between the most characteristic and scenic byway roads.

Must scooter has particularly features?

No, it must be able to run on flat roads at 60 Km/h of average for lengths even of 15Km.

Is the tour open to all scooter?

No it isn’t. To participate to tour your scooter must be produced before 1993,
must have manual transmission and run with mix, like Vespa and Lambretta.

How many km is the tour long?

WFA tour is long about 1.100,00 Km with a daily average about 160 Km and a maximum daily lengh of 200 Km.

How long we stay on seat everyday?

The driving time is on everage about 4 hour and half everyday.

Is it possible to organize thematic tour only with Vespe 50 Special?

Yes it is, is only necessary to know it in advance to have time to modify tour charateristics and be a group at least 10 drivers.

Is it possible to organize thematic tour only with fifties Vespa?

Yes it is, is only necessary to know it in advance to have time to modify tour charateristics and be a group at least 10 drivers.

There are stops during tour?

Guided historical tours a part, short stops are scheduled in the most interesting places, every 25/30 km to take some shots and sometime for the essential caffè espresso.

Drink and food during intermediate stops are included?

No they aren’t, everyone is free to choose if and what he prefer. It’s a friendly established italian practice, during half morning stop, that in turn everyone offers coffee to others. First time will be a pleasure for yours tour leader provide all.

How is possible to know the right way to follow?

For the entire tour you’ll be escort from the tour leader, that on his scooter will live together you all tour. It will be the trailblazer and will show you the route.
To close the group there will be the assistance truck that will check that no one gets lost and stays lag.

How does the refueling work?

Is scheduled a stop every 160 Km, where everyone will be asked to refuel at the same time so as not to have to stop continuously.

How long will we have for refuelling?

A quarter of hour to take fuel everybody.

My scooter travel less than 20 Km/l, how do I do with autonomy?

We suggest to take on scooter a small tank of 2.5/5 lt to take a refill during one of the stops, or leave it on the assistance truck.